Thursday, June 20, 2013


Carriages were a major form of transportation

                                 The inside of the British governor's palace.

                                    Ladies of the day resting from shopping

                       Benedict Arnold tried to convince us to remain loyal to Britain
The pastor's speaking platform in the church.  The structure above it acted like an amplifier. 

                                                   Weaver's shop

             George Washington spoke about Parliament's attempts to reduce our liberties

                          The British Crown's coat of arms on the Governor's Palace

                               A wheelwright making wooden wheels for wagons

                                      Cobblers made shoes for the colonists

                            Bullocks strolling through town to get to their next task

Sightings at Magee Marsh in Ohio

Blue Heron on the shore of Lake Erie

                                                  Trumpeter Swan


                                                    Yellow Warbler

                                                       Purple Martin