Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Native American articles for sale

Below are hand made Native American articles made by a skilled artisan for reenactments.  The "hide" garments were cured with brain material.   All items below are for sale.  Any interested parties may e-mail for information at

                                                                      Fute cases


                                             Brain tanned deer skin moccasins with quill decoration

                                                   Hide bag with intricate quill and bead work

                                                     Copper cup with intricate bead design

                                                           Deerskin vest, brain cured

                                                       Bone handled awl and beaded case

                                                          Native American flute

                                                                      Beaded rope

                                                            Quill and bead work

                                                                     Otter skin

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sightings at Horicon Marsh

A regal Sandhill Crane

                                     A Yellow Legs searching for food

                                                A Great Egret

                            A pair of Whooping Cranes among some Sandhills

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Oregon Coast

Harliquin Ducks

                                                                      Sea anemone

                                                                       Oyster Catcher

                                                                Harbor Seals


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Trip to Alaska

Vancouver, British Columbia

                                                                Moose along the road

                                                              Mountains in Kluane Park

                                             Rafting in Kluane

                            Largest cinnamon buns we ever saw!

                                                The group

                                    Dawson, Yukon Territory

                                        CHICKEN ALASKA
      So called because the miners could not spell ptarmigan (the indigenous bird related to chickens) so they named the town Chicken.

                                  CHICKEN'S POOP HOUSE -
                                  The town's bathroom facility

                                     The Alaskan oil pipeline

                                     Terry found a new friend!

Gold dredge outside of Fairbanks

Oil pipeline

River boat we went on in Fairbanks

Native American fishing camp

A "friendly" visitor at the Native American camp

Native American fashion show

Train ride to Denali


Mount McKinley-20,327 ft. high

Kenai Peninsula Excursions

Crested Puffin
                                                                     Sea bird rookery
Orca (Killer Whale)

                         Steller Sea Lion beach master and harem

Mother Humpback Whale and calf

                                                Sea Otters

                                             Black Bear

Baby Humpback playing

A mob of Humpback whales bubble netting a group of fish and group feeding on them

Mendenhall Glacier